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Judicial Release

Upon the filing of a motion by an eligible offender, the courts may reduce the offender's stated prison term through a judicial release. (i.e. early release from prison)

You are not eligible if you are serving a mandatory sentence. In order to qualify for judicial release, you must be serving at least one non-mandatory sentence. However, you are not eligible during any period you are serving the mandatory sentence.

Once granted, any time you have remaining on your sentence becomes suspended time, and you will be given 1 to 5 years of community control. If you complete the entire 1 to 5 years successfully, then your suspended time disappears and you will not have any further supervision. If you violate the terms of your community control, the court could re-impose the remaining portion of your sentence. If so, you will be facing further supervision once you complete your prison sentence. 

If your judicial release is granted, you will meet with the probation department from your county to determine the details of your supervision, such as where you will live, and if you will be required to participate in programs as a condition of probation. You will be required to serve up to 5 years on a community control sanction. 

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