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Expungement is the sealing of a criminal record.  It allows you to have all public records of a prior criminal conviction cleared and your court file sealed. An expungement causes the criminal record to considered as if it never occurred.  

When you apply for some jobs, apartments, and licenses, the people reviewing your application might look at your criminal record. If you have a conviction on your record, it is unlikely that you will be chosen for the job, given the apartment to rent, or allowed to get a license.

Once your record is expunged, nothing will show up when your record is checked. After expungement is finished, when asked about your past criminal record, you can honestly say that you have none. You can act as if the arrest and conviction never took place. However, even if your record is sealed: 1) law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and other agencies can look at your sealed record; and 2) if you commit another crime, your sealed record can still be used against you in sentencing. 

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